To truly grow our artists' brands, they need to be seen and heard by a lot of people. We negotiate "big ticket" items for our artists to do just that. Whether it is a main stage slot at a major music festival or placement in a television show or any other macro level opportunity, if it can increase brand equity and earn greater revenue for our artists, we'll go for it!


We employ a crackerjack website and graphic designer, plus a close team of creative associates. By designing our artists' most important marketing tools, including websites, one-sheets, media kits and more, we ensure the brand remains consistent and always accessible to the artists' team. Here are a couple of recent websites we've designed for our artists:


Music publicity is all about getting our artists' music covered by the media or generating "pick-up" in various forms: online, television and various publications (newspaper, entertainment magazines, industry magazines and more). Getting their music out to the masses through the media not only helps them make new fans and stay connected with current ones, it also helps generate valuable industry buzz. That buzz can lead to interest from managers, record labels, talent buyers and much more.

Radio Promotion

Radio promotion is all about getting our artists' music played on the radio. Whether it be commercial, public or college radio - or a combination of all three - getting airplay remains one of the best ways for people to hear their music and become fans. Through our networks of contacts, we distribute your music to appropriate programmers and track the progress. We can create a radio campaign that best targets radio stations that play or feature our artists' genre of music. Furthermore, radio promotion is also about building partnerships with radio programmers to generate radio airplay now and in the future. Sound Strategy Music specializes in creating radio promotion strategies with publicity campaigns to maximize an artist's potential to build buzz.


Our team has close two decades of award-winning television news and entertainment experience, including videography. We have the expertise and now we have the gear to tell the stories of our aritists with the poweful medum of video.. More to come soon!


We thoroughly understand and maximize a number of industry leading tools to promote and market our artists.

Music/Video Distribution

We have pro accounts for DMDS (Canada) and Play MPE (USA); and for measuring progress at radio we have access to the Mediabase and BDS Nielsen reporting systems.

Websites, Graphic Design and Videography

Most artists we work with like to control the content on their websites; therefore, we use Wordpress or Squarespace (preferred!) to accommodate that control. We also code websites (really preferred!!) for artists wanting greater control, options and online performance. We invest in Adobe Creative Suite products for website, design and video editing projects.